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uk /bɪl/ us /bɪl/


A2 [ C or S ] a request for payment of money owed, or the piece of paper on which it is written

an electricity/gas/phone bill 電/煤氣/電話費帳單
They sent us a bill for the work they had done. 他們寄給我們索取工資的帳單。
She ran up (= caused herself to have) a huge phone bill. 由於與男友在電話聊天數小時,她的電話費大增。
They asked the waitress for the bill. 他們叫女侍者把帳單拿來。
Could we have the bill, please? 請替我們結帳好嗎?
Her mother agreed to foot (= pay) the bill. 她母親同意付帳單。

More examples

  • The bill must be paid in full by the end of the month.
  • There is a ten percent service charge included in the bill.
  • They want to talk to you in connection with an unpaid tax bill.
  • If this bill is not paid within five days, your gas supply will be cut off.
  • I checked the bill and realized the restaurant had charged me £5 too much.

bill noun (LAW)

[ C ] a formal statement of a planned new law that is discussed before being voted on

The bill was amended (= changed). 議案被修訂了。
When a bill is passed in Parliament it becomes law. 一旦某項法案在議會通過,它便成為了法律。
informal The bill was thrown out (= did not go past the first stage of discussion and will not become law). 這項議案被否決了。

More examples

  • The bill was defeated in the Commons by 249 votes to 131.
  • An amendment to the bill was agreed without a vote.
  • The opposition was in full cry in Parliament last night over the proposed changes to the education bill.
  • Politicians tried to dress up the bill as a bold new strategy for combatting poverty.
  • He is unlikely to succeed in getting his bill through Congress, however worthy it is.

bill noun (MONEY)

B1 [ C ] mainly US UK usually note a piece of paper money

a dollar/one-dollar bill 一美元的鈔票
a ten-dollar bill 面值十美元的鈔票
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bill noun (BIRD)

[ C ] the beak of a bird


bill noun (SIGN)

[ C ] a paper sign giving information about something, especially an event or performance

be on the bill

to be performing in a show

There were lots of big names (= famous people) on the bill. 有很多明星參與演出。
head/top the bill

to be the most important actor in a show



uk /bɪl/ us /bɪl/


[ T ] to give or send someone a bill asking for money that they owe for a product or service

Please bill me for any expenses you incur. 請把你的所有花費都記在我的帳上。

bill verb (ADVERTISE)

[ T usually passive ] to advertise something with a particular description; to describe someone in a particular way in order to advertise them or make them known

The movie was billed as a romantic comedy. 那齣電影被宣傳成浪漫喜劇。
The young author was billed as "the new Beckett." 這位年輕作家被吹捧為「新貝克特」。

the Billnoun [ S, + sing/pl verb ]

uk /bɪl/ us /bɪl/ also the Old Bill UK slang

the police


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