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uk /blʌnt/ us /blʌnt/

blunt adjective (NOT SHARP)

C2 A blunt pencil, knife, etc. is not sharp and therefore not able to write, cut, etc. well.


blunt adjective (RUDE)

C2 saying what you think without trying to be polite or considering other people's feelings

I'll be blunt - that last piece of work you did was terrible. 我就直説了——你創作的最後一件作品糟糕透了。

bluntverb [ T ]

uk /blʌnt/ us /blʌnt/

to make something less sharp


to make a feeling less strong

My recent bad experience has blunted my enthusiasm for travel. 最近的倒楣經歷已經使我對旅遊的熱情減弱了不少。

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