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noun (LOWEST PART) 底部 uk us /ˈbɒt.əm/ US  /ˈbɑː.t̬əm/

[ C usually singular ] the lowest part of something

He stood at the bottom of the stairs and called up to me. 他站在樓梯的最下麵抬頭叫我。
Extra information will be found at the bottom of the page. 補充資料見這一頁的最底部。
The ship had sunk to the bottom of the sea/the sea bottom. 船已經沉到了海底。
UK They live at the bottom of our street (= the other end of the street from us). 他們住在我們這條街的另一端。
UK The apple tree at the bottom (= end) of the garden is beginning to blossom. 花園盡頭的那棵蘋果樹開始開花了。
At school, Einstein was (at the) bottom of (= the least successful student in) his class. 上學時,愛因斯坦是班上最後一名。
The manager of the hotel started at the bottom (= in one of the least important jobs) 30 years ago, as a porter. 飯店的經理是30年前從最底層的搬運工開始做起的。
The rich usually get richer, while the people at the bottom (= at the lowest position in society) stay there. 通常情況是富人越來越富,社會底層的人卻原地不動。
bottoms [ plural ]

the lower part of a piece of clothing that consists of two parts

I've found my bikini bottoms but not my top. 我找到了我的比基尼泳褲,但找不到上半身。
Have you seen my pyjama/tracksuit bottoms anywhere? 你看見我的睡褲/田徑服褲子了嗎?

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