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uk /ˈbreɪk.daʊn/ us /ˈbreɪk.daʊn/

breakdown noun (FAILURE)

B2 [ C ] a failure to work or be successful

I had a breakdown (= my car stopped working) in the middle of the road. 我的汽車在半路上拋錨了。
Both sides blamed each other for the breakdown of talks. 雙方都指責對方導致了談判的破裂。
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breakdown noun (DIVISION)

C2 [ C or U ] a division of something into smaller parts

We asked for a breakdown of the accident figures into day time and night time. 我們要白天和夜間事故的統計數字的分列明細表。
The rate of breakdown of muscle protein was assessed. 肌肉蛋白質的分類比率測定統計出來了。

breakdown noun (ILLNESS)

B2 [ C ] a nervous breakdown


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