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bringverb [ T ]

uk /brɪŋ/ us /brɪŋ/ brought, brought

bring verb [ T ] (TOWARDS PLACE)

A2 to take or carry someone or something to a place or a person, or in the direction of the person speaking

"Shall I bring anything to the party?" "Oh, just a bottle." 「我要不要帶點東西參加派對?」「噢,帶瓶酒就行。 」
[ + two objects ] Bring me that knife/Bring that knife to me. 把那把刀遞給我。
Can you help me bring in the shopping (= take it into the house)? 你能幫我把買的東西拿進屋裡嗎?
The police brought several men in for questioning (= took them to the police station because they might have been involved in a crime). 警方帶了幾個人回警局問話。
When they visit us they always bring their dog with them. 他們來看我們時總是把狗帶來。

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bring verb [ T ] (CAUSE)

B1 to cause, result in, or produce a state or condition

[ + two objects ] She's brought us so much happiness over the years. 這些年來她給我們帶來了很多快樂。
[ + -ing verb ] The explosion brought the whole building crashing to the ground. 爆炸將整座建築物夷為平地。
Several trees were brought down (= made to fall) by the storm. 有幾棵樹被暴風雨刮倒了。
The closure of the factory brought poverty to the town (= resulted in it becoming poor). 工廠的倒閉使那個鎮陷入了貧困。
Bring the water to the boil (= make it start boiling). 把水燒開。
She suddenly brought the interview to an end. 她突然中止了面試。
Her tragic story brought tears to my eyes (= made me cry). 她的悲慘故事惹得我傷心落淚。
What will the future bring for these refugees? 這些難民將來會怎様呢?
bring sb to sth

to cause someone to come to a particular place or thing

This subject brings me to the second part of the discussion. 這個話題讓我談到了討論的第二部分。
What brings you (= why have you come) to Miami? 甚麽風把你吹到倫敦來了?

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bring verb [ T ] (LAW)

to make or begin as part of an official legal process

He was arrested for fighting, but the police have decided not to bring charges. 他因毆鬥被捕,但警方決定不予起訴。

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