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uk /braʊz/ us /braʊz/

browse verb (LOOK)

B2 [ I ] to look through a book or magazine without reading everything, or to walk around a shop looking at several things without intending to buy any of them

I was browsing through fashion magazines to find a new hairstyle. 我在瀏覽時裝雜誌,想找一種新髮型。
"Are you looking for anything in particular, sir?" "No, I'm just browsing." 「太太,你想找些甚麽嗎?」「不,我只是隨便看看。」

More examples

  • The man at the station kiosk doesn't like people browsing through the magazines.
  • When I was browsing in the bestsellers section, I found that book you were telling me about.
  • I don't like going into clothes shops where they don't leave you in peace to browse.
  • Several knowledgeable-looking people were browsing among the plants on display and noting things down in notebooks.
  • Do you need any help or shall I leave you to browse for a while?

browse verb (COMPUTING)

B2 [ I or T ] to look at information on the internet

to browse the Web 瀏覽全球資訊網

More examples

  • It's too expensive to spend time browsing the Web if you are paying per minute.
  • I found your site while browsing the Web and was very impressed.
  • You would find it much quicker and easier to browse and download and so on if you had a broadband connection.
  • Trying browsing the net for specialist organizations who can provide additional information.
  • She showed me how to scroll down when browsing through a large document.

browse verb (FEED)

[ I ] (of animals) to feed on grass, leaves, etc. in a relaxed way

Deer were browsing (on grass) under the trees. 鹿正在樹下吃草。

browsenoun [ S ]

uk /braʊz/ us /braʊz/ mainly UK

an act of browsing or period of time spent browsing

We went for a browse around an antique shop. 我們去一家古董店隨便看了看。
I had a browse through the books on his desk. 我隨便翻了翻他桌上的書。

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