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uk /ˈbʌdʒ.ɪt/ us /ˈbʌdʒ.ɪt/

B2 [ C or U ] a plan to show how much money a person or organization will earn and how much they will need or be able to spend

The firm has drawn up a budget for the coming financial year. 公司草擬了下一財政年度的預算方案。
Libraries are finding it increasingly difficult to remain within (their) budget. 圖書館感到想把支出維持在預算之內越來越難。

B2 [ C ] the amount of money you have available to spend

an annual budget of £40 million 每年4000萬英鎊的預算

More examples

  • The school budget is going to be cut again this year.
  • The project went over budget because of a miscalculation at the planning stage.
  • She managed to complete her last film well within budget.
  • I propose that we wait until the budget has been announced before committing ourselves to any expenditure.
  • People on limited budgets should avoid travelling during the holiday season if they can.

budgetverb [ I or T ]

uk /ˈbʌdʒ.ɪt/ us /ˈbʌdʒ.ɪt/

to plan how much money you will spend on something

An extra $20 million has been budgeted for schools this year. 今年學校預算增加了2000萬英鎊。

More examples

  • They simply said that they had not budgeted for pay increases this year.
  • More people are using home computers to help them plan and budget efficiently.
  • The financial director says he's budgeting for a full computer upgrade in the New Year.
  • Make sure you've budgeted carefully and know that you can actually afford the expense.
  • This price rise means that the bill is going to be much higher than we have budgeted for.

budgetadjective [ before noun ]

uk /ˈbʌdʒ.ɪt/ us /ˈbʌdʒ.ɪt/

B2 very cheap

a budget holiday/hotel/price 廉價旅行渡假/廉價旅館/低廉的價格

the Budgetnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈbʌdʒ.ɪt/ us /ˈbʌdʒ.ɪt/

in the UK, the official statement that the government makes about how much it will collect in taxes and spend on public services in the future


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