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uk /bɜːst/ us /bɝːst/ burst, burst

B2 [ I or T ] to break open or apart suddenly, or to make something do this

I hate it when balloons burst. 氣球令我感到緊張——我討厭它們突然爆破。
Suddenly the door burst open (= opened suddenly and forcefully) and police officers rushed in. 門突然被撞開了,員警端著槍衝了進來。
The river was threatening to burst its banks. 河流有決口的危險。
figurative humorous If I eat any more cake I'll burst (= I cannot eat anything else)! 我再吃蛋糕肚皮就會脹破的!

C2 [ I ] to feel a strong emotion, or strong wish to do something

I knew they were bursting with curiosity but I said nothing. 我知道他們充滿了好奇,但我甚麽也沒説。
[ + to infinitive ] Tom was bursting to tell everyone the news. 湯姆迫不及待地想把消息告訴每個人。
UK informal I'm bursting to go to the loo! 我急著想上廁所!
burst into flames

C2 to suddenly burn strongly, producing a lot of flames

Smoke started pouring out from underneath, then the truck burst into flames. 煙開始從下面冒了出來,接著卡車便著火了。

More examples

burstnoun [ C ]

uk /bɜːst/ us /bɝːst/

burst noun [ C ] (BREAK)

UK the act of breaking open so that what is inside comes out

a burst in the water pipe 水管爆裂

burst noun [ C ] (INCREASE)

a sudden increase in something, especially for a short period

a burst of speed/applause/laughter 突然的加速/一陣掌聲/一陣大笑

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