Translation of "business" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun uk /ˈbɪz.nɪs/ us /ˈbɪz.nɪs/

A1 [ U ] the activity of buying and selling goods and services

My brother's in business. 我哥哥經商。
He's in the frozen food business. 他做冷凍食品生意。
Our firm does a lot of business with overseas customers. 我們公司與海外客戶的生意往來很多。
Eventually they found a consultant they felt they could do business with (= with whom they could work well). 最後他們找到了一個他們覺得可以與其愉快合作的顧問。
Currently, there are fewer firms in business (= operating) in the area than ever before. 目前在該地區經營的公司比以往任何時候都少。
This new tax will put a lot of small firms out of business (= they will stop operating). 這項新的稅收將導致許多小企業倒閉。
She set up in business (= started her own company) as a management consultant. 她自己開辦公司提供管理諮詢服務。

A2 [ C ] a particular company that buys and sells goods and services:

The two brothers established/set up/started up a clothes retailing business. 兄弟倆開了家服裝零售商店。
She runs her own printing business.
They put a lot of money into the family business.

B1 [ U ] work that you do to earn money:

I'm in Baltimore on business. 我在巴爾的摩出差。
a business appointment 商務會面

[ U ] the amount of work done or the number of goods or services sold by a company or organization:

Business is good/brisk/booming/flourishing (= I'm selling a lot). 生意興隆。
Business is bad/slack/quiet (= I'm not selling much). 生意清淡。
How is business (= are you selling much) at the moment? 現在生意怎麽様?

[ S or U ] a situation or activity, often one that you are giving your opinion about

Arranging a trip abroad is a time-consuming business. 籌劃一趟出國旅行是件很費時的事。
These killings are a horrible business. 這些謀殺是非常可怕的事。
I make it my business (= I feel it is my particular duty) to check the monthly accounts. 我覺得核查每月賬目是我的責任。
We have some unfinished business to discuss (= we still have something important to discuss). 我們還有一些未了結的事務需要討論。

[ U ] the things that you do or the matters that relate only to you

I started on the business of filling out the form. 我繼續填表格。
What she does with her life is her business. 她如何生活是她自己的事。

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