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uk /ˈbɪz.i/ us /ˈbɪz.i/

busy adjective (DOING THINGS)

A2 If you are busy, you are working hard, or giving your attention to a particular thing.

Mum was busy in the kitchen. 媽媽在廚房裡忙著呢。
The kids are busy with their homework. 孩子們在忙著做家課。
She's busy writing out the wedding invitations. 她在忙著寫婚禮請柬。
I've got plenty of jobs to keep you busy. 我有很多工作,夠你忙的。
He was too busy talking to notice us come in. 他忙著説話沒有注意到我們進來。

A1 A busy place is full of activity or people.

a busy restaurant 繁忙的餐館
Their house is near a very busy road. 他們的房子臨近熱閙的馬路。

A2 In a busy period, you have a lot of things to do.

I have a busy week ahead of me. 我未來的一周會很忙。
You've had a busy day. 休息一下吧,你忙了一天了。

UK also engaged If a phone line is busy, someone is using it.

I tried calling you but the line was busy. 我試過給你打電話,可是電話佔線。

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busy adjective (WITH PATTERNS)

disapproving having too much decoration or too many colours

The jacket was a bit too busy for my tastes - I'd prefer something plainer. 對我來説,這件夾克太花哨了——我喜歡簡單一點的。


uk /ˈbɪz.i/ us /ˈbɪz.i/
busy yourself

to make the time pass by doing something

I busied myself with tidying up my desk. 我整理書桌來打發時間。

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