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uk /kɔːl/ us /kɑːl/

call verb (NAME)

B1 [ T + obj + noun ] to give someone or something a name, or to know or address someone by a particular name

They've called the twins Edward and Thomas. 他們給雙胞胎取名為凱薩琳和湯瑪斯。
What's that actor called that we saw in the film last night? 我們昨晚在電影裡看到的那個演員叫甚麼名字?
His real name is Jonathan, but they've always called him Johnny. 他的真名叫喬納森,但他們總是叫他「強尼」。
What's her new novel called? 她的新小說叫甚麼名字?
I wish he wouldn't keep calling me "dear" - it's so patronizing! 我希望他不要老是叫我「親愛的」——太居高臨下了!
call sb names

C2 If a person, especially a child, calls someone names, he or she addresses that person with a name that is intended to be offensive.

Tom's worried that if he wears glasses at school the other children will call him names. 湯姆擔心如果他在學校戴眼鏡會被其他孩子取笑。

More examples

  • Mars is sometimes called the Red Planet because of its distinctive colour.
  • I think he was called Blake , if I remember correctly.
  • He was most uncivil to your father - called him an old fool.
  • What have they decided to call their new baby?
  • The meat produced from a pig is called pork, bacon, or ham.

call verb (PHONE)

A2 [ I or T ] to use a phone to talk to someone

He called (you) last night when you were out. 昨晚你不在時他(給你)打過電話。
She called (me) this morning at the office and we had a brief chat. 今天早上她打電話到我的辦公室,我們簡短地閒聊了一會兒。
I've been calling all morning but I can't get through. 我整個早上都在打電話,可是沒打通。
Do you think we should call the police? 你覺得我們應該報警嗎?
call collect US US also and UK reverse (the) charges

to make a phone call that is paid for by the person who receives it


More examples

  • If I'm not home when you call, leave a message on the machine .
  • I gave him my number and he promised to call me.
  • Probably the best thing to do is to call them before you go.
  • I tried calling you but the line was busy.
  • You could always call Susie and see if she might babysit.

call verb (CONSIDER)

[ T + obj + noun ] to consider someone or something to be

He knows a lot of people, but only one or two that he'd call close friends. 他認識很多人,但他稱之為親密朋友的只有一兩個。
One sandwich and a lettuce leaf - I don't call that a meal! 一個三明治和一片生菜葉——我可不覺得那算是一頓飯!
I'm not calling you a liar - I'm just suggesting that you misunderstood the facts of the situation. 我沒說你在撒謊——我只是提醒一下,你誤解了實際情形。
call sth your own

to consider something as belonging to you

I don't aspire to anything very grand - I just want a place I can call my own. 我不奢望特別華麗的東西——我只想擁有一個屬於我自己的地方。

More examples

  • Some people call English a mongrel language because it is a mixture of old German and French.
  • How can you call those barbarians your friends?
  • It's a suburb of Manchester really - I wouldn't call it Manchester proper.
  • He's quite attractive but not what I'd call gorgeous.
  • He had a few tufts of hair on his chin, but you could hardly call it a beard.

call verb (SHOUT/CRY)

B1 [ I or T ] to say something in a loud voice, especially in order to attract someone's attention, or (of animals) to make a loud, high sound, especially to another animal

Someone in the crowd called (out) his name. 人群中有人大聲叫(出)他的名字。
Did you call? 是你在叫嗎?
[ + speech ] "Hey, you! Come over here!" she called. 「嗨,你!到這裡來!」她叫道。
The blackbird called to its mate. 烏鶇呼喚它的配偶。
call for order also call sth to order

to ask people in a meeting to stop talking so that the meeting can continue

She called for order/called the meeting to order. 她要求會場安靜下來。

More examples

  • She sometimes calls out in her sleep.
  • I thought I heard you call from upstairs.
  • I called to her but she didn't hear me.
  • "We're over here!" she called.
  • I thought I heard someone call my name.

call verb (ASK TO COME)

C1 [ I or T ] to ask someone to come to you

She called me over to where she was sitting. 她把我叫到了她坐著的地方。
I keep the bedroom door open in case the children call (for) me in the night. 我讓臥室門開著,以防孩子晚上叫我。
I was called to an emergency meeting this morning. 我今早被叫去參加一個緊急會議。
At school she was always being called into the headteacher's office. 在學校時,她總是被叫到校長辦公室去。

More examples

  • I thought I heard my daughter calling for me.
  • He was called to the phone.
  • She called me over and showed me the report.
  • You can't just call people across the office and expect them to come running!
  • He called me into his office and asked me to explain my decision.

call verb (VISIT)

[ I ] to visit someone, especially for a short time

The electrician must have called (round) this morning when we were out - there's a note on the door mat. 今天上午我們出去的時候電工一定來過了——門墊上留了張字條。

call verb (DECIDE ON)

C1 [ T ] to decide officially to have a particular event or take particular action

The managing director has called a meeting to discuss pay levels. 總經理決定召開會議商討工資標準。
The papers are predicting that the prime minister will call an election in the spring. 報紙預言首相將宣佈在春季舉行大選。
It's reckoned that the unions will call a strike if management will not agree to their demands. 如果管理層不同意他們的要求,預計工會將發動罷工。
They had to call a halt to (= end) the match because of the heavy rain. 因為下大雨,他們不得不中止比賽。


uk /kɔːl/ us /kɑːl/

call noun (PHONE)

A2 [ C ] the act of using the phone

I got a call from an old college friend last night. 昨晚我接到了一位大學朋友的電話。
If there are any calls for me, could you write them down next to the phone? 如果有我的電話,你能在電話旁記一下嗎?
I've just got a couple of calls to make. 我正要打幾個電話。
That decorator you called about painting the house - did he ever return your call? 為粉刷房子的事你打電話找的那個油漆工——他給你回過電話了嗎?
The radio station received a lot of calls complaining about the show's bad language. 廣播電台接到很多電話,投訴那個節目用語汙穢。
Before six o'clock, calls are charged at peak rate. 六點之前,撥打電話按高峰費率收費。

More examples

  • Will you excuse me? I've got to make a phone call.
  • The phone company were unable to trace the call.
  • Please confine your use of the phone to business calls.
  • He told my boss that I'd been making long-distance calls at work!
  • We had to make five calls to technical support just to get the new computer working.

call noun (ANIMAL)

B1 [ C ] the sound an animal makes or the sound of someone shouting something

The whale has a very distinctive call. 鯨的叫聲很特別。
She could hear calls for help from inside the burning building. 她聽到從燃燒的大樓裡傳出的呼救聲。
I'll be in the next room, so give me a call if you need any help. 我會在隔壁房間,需要幫助就叫我。

More examples

  • I thought I heard a call from the bedroom.
  • the wolf's call
  • the call of the brown owl
  • Could you give me a call when he arrives?
  • Was that a call for help?

call noun (DEMAND)

[ U ] the fact of people wanting or needing a particular thing

There's not much call for fur coats these days. 這些天人們對毛皮大衣的需求量不是很大。
formal I certainly don't think there's any call for that sort of language, young lady! 我的確認為沒有必要說那樣的話,小姐!

C1 [ C ] a demand for something to happen

Management have so far ignored the union's calls for stricter safety regulations. 迄今為止管理層一直無視工會對加強安全規章的要求。

call noun (VISIT)

C1 [ C ] a short visit, especially an official one made by someone whose job is connected with health

Doctor Seward is out on a call this morning. 蘇厄德醫生今天上午出診去了。
The nurse has got a few calls to make this afternoon. 護士今天下午有幾次出診。
old-fashioned I thought I'd pay a call on (= visit) an old friend of mine this weekend. 我想這個週末去拜訪一位老朋友。

call noun (DECISION)

[ C ] informal a decision

It was a tough call, but eventually I decided to give up my job. 儘管做這個決定很難,但我最終還是決定放棄那份工作。
More investment? That's got to be your call - you're the one that's paying! 多投資一點?這該由你來決定——畢竟你是付款人。

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