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verb (NAME) 名字 uk us /kɔːl/ US  /kɑːl/

[ T + obj + noun ] to give someone or something a name, or to know or address someone by a particular name

They've called the twins Katherine and Thomas. 他們給雙胞胎取名為凱薩琳和湯瑪斯。
What's that actor called that we saw in the film last night? 我們昨晚在電影裡看到的那個演員叫甚麼名字?
His real name is Jonathan, but they've always called him 'Johnny'. 他的真名叫喬納森,但他們總是叫他「強尼」。
What's her new novel called? 她的新小說叫甚麼名字?
I wish he wouldn't keep calling me 'dear' - it's so patronising! 我希望他不要老是叫我「親愛的」——太居高臨下了!
call sb names

If a person, especially a child, calls someone names, he or she addresses that person with a name which is intended to be offensive

Tom's worried that if he wears glasses at school the other children will call him names. 湯姆擔心如果他在學校戴眼鏡會被其他孩子取笑。

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