Translation of "call" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb (SHOUT/CRY) 大喊/大叫 uk us /kɔːl/ US  /kɑːl/

[ I or T ] to say something in a loud voice, especially in order to attract someone's attention, or (of animals) to make a loud, high sound, especially to another animal

Someone in the crowd called (out) his name. 人群中有人大聲叫(出)他的名字。
Did you call? 是你在叫嗎?
[ + speech ] "Hey, you! Come over here!" she called. 「嗨,你!到這裡來!」她叫道。
The blackbird called to its mate. 烏鶇呼喚它的配偶。
call for order (also call sth to order)

to ask people in a meeting to stop talking so that the meeting can continue

She called for order/called the meeting to order. 她要求會場安靜下來。

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