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uk /ˈkæp.ɪ.təl/ us /ˈkæp.ə.t̬əl/

capital noun (CITY)

A2 [ C ] a city that is the centre of government of a country or smaller political area

Australia's capital city is Canberra. 澳大利亞的首都是坎培拉。

[ C ] the most important place for a particular business or activity

London used to be the financial capital of the world. 倫敦曾是世界金融中心。

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capital noun (LETTER)

A2 [ C ] also capital letter a letter of the alphabet in the form and larger size that is used at the beginning of sentences and names

Please print your name in capitals.
A proper noun should start with a capital.

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capital noun (MONEY)

[ U ] money and possessions, especially a large amount of money used for producing more wealth or for starting a new business

She leaves her capital untouched in the bank and lives off the interest. 她不動用銀行裡的本金,靠利息生活。
We put $20,000 capital into the business, but we're unlikely to see any return for a few years. 我們在生意上投入了兩萬英鎊,但很可能在幾年內都看不到任何回報。

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capital noun (COLUMN)

[ C ] specialized architecture the top part of a column



uk /ˈkæp.ɪ.təl/ us /ˈkæp.ə.t̬əl/

capital adjective (LETTER)

(of a letter of the alphabet) in the form and larger size that is used at the beginning of sentences and names

Do you write "calvinist" with a capital "C" or not? 你寫 calvinist 時將 C 大寫嗎?

capital adjective (DEATH)

capital crime/offence

a crime that can be punished by death

In some countries, importing drugs is a capital offence. 在某些國家,攜帶毒品入境是死罪。

capital adjective (EXCELLENT)

UK old-fashioned very good or excellent

That's a capital idea! 那主意好極了!

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