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cashnoun [ U ]

uk /kæʃ/ us /kæʃ/

A2 money in the form of notes and coins, rather than cheques or credit cards

Do you have any cash on you? 你身上有現金嗎?
Will you pay by credit card or in cash? 你是刷信用卡還是付現金?
He says he wants cash in advance before he'll do the job. 他說他要先拿到預付現金才肯工作。
informal I'm a bit short of/strapped for cash (= I do not have much money) at the moment. 眼下我手頭有點緊。
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cashverb [ T ]

uk /kæʃ/ us /kæʃ/

to exchange a cheque, etc. for cash

Would you cash a cheque for me? 你能幫我兌張支票嗎?

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