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uk /kɑːst/ us /kæst/

cast noun (ACTORS)

B2 [ C, + sing/pl verb ] the actors in a film, play, or show

After the final performance the director threw a party for the cast. 最後一場演出過後,導演為全體演員舉辦了一個聚會。
Part of the movie's success lies in the strength of the supporting cast (= the actors who were not playing the main parts). 影片的成功部分歸功於強大的配角陣容。

cast noun (SHAPE)

[ C ] an object made by pouring hot liquid into a container and leaving it to become solid


[ C ] a plaster cast

in a cast UK also in plaster

If a part of your body is in a cast, it has a plaster cast around it to protect it while a broken bone repairs itself.

My leg was in a cast for about six weeks. 我的腿打了六周左右的石膏。


uk /kɑːst/ us /kæst/ cast, cast

cast verb (ACTORS)

C2 [ T ] to choose actors to play particular parts in a play, film, or show

He was often cast as the villain. 他經常演反面角色。
In her latest movie she was cast against type (= played a different character than the one she usually played or might be expected to play). 在最近拍的電影中,她改變了戲路。
figurative They like to cast the opposing political party as (= to say that they are) the party of high taxes. 他們喜歡把敵對政黨說成是徵收高額稅收的政黨。
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cast verb (LIGHT)

C2 [ T usually + adv/prep ] to send light or shadow (= an area of darkness) in a particular direction

The moon cast a white light into the room. 皎潔的月光灑進房間裡。
The tree cast a shadow over/on his face. 樹影投在他的臉上。
figurative Her arrival cast a shadow over/on the party (= made it less pleasant). 她的到場給聚會投上了一絲陰影。
cast light on sth

to provide an explanation for a situation or problem, or information that makes it easier to understand

The discovery of the dinosaur skeleton has cast light on why they became extinct. 恐龍骨架的發現使人們對於恐龍滅絕的原因有了一些認識。

cast verb (LOOK)

cast a look, glance, smile, etc.

to look, smile, etc. in a particular direction

She cast a quick look in the rear mirror. 她迅速看了一眼後視鏡。
cast an/your eye over sth

to look quickly at something

Could you cast an eye over this report for me? 你能替我看一眼這份報告嗎?

cast verb (THROW)

[ T + adv/prep ] literary to throw something

The knight cast the sword far out into the lake. 騎士將劍遠遠地扔進湖中。

[ I or T ] (in fishing) to throw something, such as a line, into the water to catch fish with

He cast the line to the middle of the river. 他把釣線拋向河中央。

cast verb (DOUBT)

cast doubt/suspicion on sb/sth

C2 to make people feel less sure about or have less trust in something or someone

New evidence has cast doubt on the guilty verdict. 新的證據讓人們對判罰有罪的裁決產生了懷疑。
cast aspersions on sb/sth formal

to criticize or make damaging remarks or judgments about someone or something

His opponents cast aspersions on his patriotism. 反對者詆毀他的愛國精神。

cast verb (REMEMBER)

cast your mind back

C2 to try to remember

If you cast your mind back, you might recall that I never promised to go. 回想一下,你或許會記得我從未答應過要去。

cast verb (VOTE)

cast a/your vote

C2 to vote

All the votes in the election have now been cast and the counting has begun. 這次選舉的投票現已全部結束,計票工作已經開始。

cast verb (SHAPE)

[ T ] to make an object by pouring hot liquid, such as melted metal, into a shaped container where it becomes hard


cast verb (MAGIC)

cast a spell

C2 to use words thought to be magic, especially in order to have an effect on someone

The old woman cast a spell on the prince and he turned into a frog. 老太婆對王子施了魔法,他變成了一隻青蛙。
figurative When I was 17, jazz cast its spell on me (= I started to like it very much). 我17歲的時候對爵士樂著了迷。

cast verb (SKIN)

[ T ] If a snake casts its skin, the outer layer of old skin comes off its body.


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