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uk /kɔːz/ us /kɑːz/

cause noun (REASON)

B2 [ C or U ] the reason why something, especially something bad, happens

The police are still trying to establish the cause of the fire. 警方仍在努力調查失火的原因。
She had died of natural causes. 她是自然死亡。
I wouldn't tell you without (good) cause (= if there was not a (good) reason). 沒有(正當的)理由,我是不會告訴你的。
I believe we have/there is just cause (= a fair reason) for taking this action. 我認為我們採取這樣的行動有正當的理由。

C2 [ U ] a reason to feel something or to behave in a particular way

He's never given me any cause for concern. 他從未讓我擔心過。

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cause noun (PRINCIPLE)

C1 [ C ] a socially valuable principle that is strongly supported by some people

They are fighting for a cause - the liberation of their people. 他們正為解放人民這一事業而戰鬥。
I'll sponsor you for £10 - it's all in a good cause. 我資助你十英鎊——這都是為了做正經事嘛。

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causeverb [ T ]

uk /kɔːz/ us /kɑːz/

B2 to make something happen, especially something bad

The difficult driving conditions caused several accidents. 艱難的駕駛條件引發了好幾次意外。
[ + obj + to infinitive ] The bright light caused her to blink. 明亮的光線刺得她直眨眼睛。
Most heart attacks are caused by blood clots. 大多數心臟病都是由於血液凝塊所致。
[ + two objects ] I hope the children haven't caused you too much trouble. 我希望孩子沒有給你添了太多麻煩。

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also 'cause uk /kɒz/ us /kɑːz/ informal


I'll host the party cause I've got plenty of room at my house. 因為我家地方大,所以將由我來舉辦宴會。
I try to practise my French every day, cause I'm not very good at it. 我的法語不太好,所以我儘可能地天天練習。

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