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uk /ˈsen.trəl/ us /ˈsen.trəl/

central adjective (NEAR THE MIDDLE)

B1 in, at, from, or near the centre or most important part of something

central Europe/London 中歐/倫敦中部
Of course, you pay more for premises with a central location (= in or near the centre of a town). 當然,要買位於市中心的房屋就要多付錢。

More examples

  • Some late news has just come in - a bomb has exploded in central London.
  • In many churches the side aisles are separated from the central aisle by a row of arches.
  • The bridge's central support gave way, tipping the coach into the river.
  • The large central diamond is surrounded by eight smaller stones.
  • I love the wide open spaces of central Australia.

central adjective (IMPORTANT)

C2 main or important

a central role 主要角色
Community involvement is central to our plan. 社區的參與對我們的計劃很重要。

More examples

  • I failed to grasp the film's central concept.
  • Eugenics was the central, and most controversial, part of his social philosophy.
  • The central character of the play is a flaky neurotic.
  • The central argument of the book is that some of the plays were not written by Shakespeare.
  • The central character is a malevolent witch out for revenge.

central adjective (ORGANIZATION)

C1 [ before noun ] controlled or organized in one main place

central authorities 中央當局
the US central bank 美國中央銀行
central planning 中心規劃

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