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uk /tʃɑːns/ us /tʃæns/

chance noun (OPPORTUNITY)

B1 [ C ] an occasion that allows something to be done

I didn't get/have a chance to speak to her. 我沒有機會跟她說話。
[ + to infinitive ] If you give me a chance to speak, I'll explain. 要是你給我說話的機會,我會解釋的。
Society has to give prisoners a second chance when they come out of jail. 犯人出獄後社會必須再給他們一次機會。
He left and I missed my chance to say goodbye to him. 他走了,我失去了跟他道別的機會。
I'd go now given half a chance (= if I had the slightest opportunity). 有一丁點的機會我現在就會走。

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chance noun (POSSIBILITY)

B1 [ S or plural ] the level of possibility that something will happen

You'd have a better chance/more chance of passing your exams if you worked a bit harder. 你要是再用功一點,通過考試的可能性會更大。
[ + (that) ] There's a good chance (that) I'll have this essay finished by tomorrow. 到明天我很可能會寫完這篇文章。
There's a slim/slight chance (that) I might have to go to Manchester next week. 下周我也許要去曼徹斯特,不過可能性不大。
If we hurry, there's still an outside (= very small) chance of catching the plane. 要是我們抓緊時間,沒準還能趕上飛機。
"Is there any chance of speaking to him?" "Not a/No chance, I'm afraid." 「你有機會跟他說話嗎?」「恐怕一點都沒有。」
I don't think I stand/have a chance of winning. 我覺得自己沒機會贏。
UK John thinks they're in with a chance (= they have a possibility of doing or getting what they want). 約翰認為他們有機會。
Her resignation has improved my chances of promotion. 她的辭職增加了我晉升的可能性。
What are her chances of survival? 她倖存的機會有多大?
[ + that ] What are the chances that they'll win? 他們贏的可能性有多大?

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chance noun (RISK)

B2 [ C ] a possibility that something negative will happen

I'm delivering my work by hand - I'm not taking any chances. 我要親手遞送自己的作品——我可不想有任何閃失。
There's a chance of injury in almost any sport. 幾乎任何體育運動都有受傷的危險。

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chance noun (LUCK)

B1 [ U ] the force that causes things to happen without any known cause or reason for doing so

Roulette is a game of chance. 輪盤賭是碰運氣的遊戲。
I got this job completely by chance. 我得到這份工作完全是偶然。
[ + (that) ] It was pure/sheer chance (that) we met. 我們的相遇純屬巧合。
We must double-check everything and leave nothing to chance. 我們必須把每件事都覆核一遍,絕不能心存僥倖。
by any chance

C2 used to ask a question or request in a polite way

Are you Hungarian, by any chance? 你或許是匈牙利人?
Could you lend me a couple of pounds, by any chance? 你能不能借我幾英鎊?
You wouldn't, by any chance, have a calculator on you, would you? 你或許沒帶計算機吧,是不是?


uk /tʃɑːns/ us /tʃæns/

chance verb (RISK)

[ T ] to risk something

You'd be a fool to chance your life savings on a single investment. 你要是把一輩子的積蓄都放到一項投資上就是個傻瓜。

chance verb (LUCK)

[ I ] old-fashioned or literary to happen or do something by chance

[ + to infinitive ] They chanced to be in the restaurant when I arrived. 我到的時候他們正好在餐館裡。
I chanced on/upon (= found unexpectedly) some old love letters in a drawer. 我偶然在抽屜裡發現了一些舊情書。
Ten years after leaving school, we chanced on/upon (= unexpectedly met) each other in Regent Street. 畢業十年後,我們在攝政街偶遇。


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