Translation of "chance" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] (OPPORTUNITY) 機會 uk us /tʃɑːnts/ US  /tʃænts/

an occasion which allows something to be done; an opportunity

I didn't get/have a chance to speak to her. 我沒有機會跟她說話。
[ + to infinitive ] If you give me a chance to speak, I'll explain. 要是你給我說話的機會,我會解釋的。
Society has to give prisoners a second chance when they come out of jail. 犯人出獄後社會必須再給他們一次機會。
He left and I missed my chance to say goodbye to him. 他走了,我失去了跟他道別的機會。
I'd go now given half a chance (= If I had the slightest opportunity). 有一丁點的機會我現在就會走。

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