Translation of "charge" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] (FORMAL ACCUSATION) 正式指控 uk us /tʃɑːdʒ/ US  /tʃɑːrdʒ/

legal a formal police statement saying that someone is accused of a crime

The 19-year-old will be appearing in court on Thursday where she will face criminal charges. 這位19歲的少女將於週四出庭,她將面臨刑事指控。
He has been arrested on a charge of murder. 他因被控謀殺而遭逮捕。
The police brought a charge of theft against him. 警方指控他犯了盜竊罪。
The police have had to drop (= stop) charges against her because they couldn't find any evidence. 警方因為找不到任何證據不得不撤銷了對她的指控。
He claimed he had been arrested on a trumped up (= false) charge. 他聲稱自己是受誣告而被捕的。

formal when you accuse someone of something bad

[ + that ] The president responded angrily to the charge that she had lost touch with her country's people. 總統針對說她和自己的國民失去聯繫的指責作出了憤怒的回應。
Her refusal to condemn the violence laid/left her open to the charge of positive support for the campaign (= allowed people to say that she supported it). 她拒絕譴責暴力,這很容易給人留下她支援那場運動的口實。

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