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uk /tʃiːp/ us /tʃiːp/

cheap adjective (LOW PRICE)

A1 costing little money or less than is usual or expected

I got a cheap flight at the last minute. 我在最後一刻買到了一張便宜的機票。
Food is usually cheaper in supermarkets. 超市裡的食物通常比較便宜。
Children and the elderly are entitled to cheap train tickets. 兒童和老人可以使用廉價火車票。
The system is simple and cheap to operate. 這個計劃實施起來簡單又省錢。
During times of mass unemployment, there's a pool of cheap labour for employers to draw from. 在人們大批失業的時候,有大量廉價勞動力供僱主選用。
figurative In a war, human life becomes very cheap (= seems to be of little value). 戰爭期間,人命變得很不值錢。

If a shop or restaurant is cheap, it charges low prices.

I go to the cheapest hairdresser's in town. 我去城裡收費最便宜的那家理髮店理髮。
cheap and cheerful UK

cheap but good or enjoyable

There's a restaurant round the corner that serves cheap and cheerful food. 街角處有家飯店,那裡的飯菜價廉物美。
on the cheap informal

If you get goods on the cheap, you get them for a low price, often from someone you know who works in the company or business that produces them.


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cheap adjective (LOW QUALITY)

C1 disapproving used to describe goods that are both low in quality and low in price

I bought some cheap wine for cooking with. 我買了些便宜的劣質葡萄酒用來燒菜。
He bought some cheap shoes that fell apart after a couple of months. 他買了雙便宜鞋,兩個月之後就全破了。
cheap and nasty UK

costing little and of very bad quality


cheap adjective (UNGENEROUS)

US UK mean unwilling to spend money

He's so cheap he didn't even buy me a card for my birthday. 他真小氣,居然連張生日卡都沒給我買。

cheap adjective (DRESSED SEXILY)

disapproving If you describe the way a person is dressed as cheap, you mean that it is very obvious that they are trying to sexually attract other people.


cheap adjective (UNKIND)

disapproving unpleasant and unkind

I wish you'd stop making cheap jokes about my friends. 希望你別再對我的朋友開那種低級玩笑了。


uk /tʃiːp/ us /tʃiːp/

for little money or for less than is usual

I got some shoes cheap in the sale. 我在大減價的時候買了幾雙便宜鞋。
There were some chairs in the market going cheap (= they were not expensive). 市場上有些椅子在廉價出售。


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