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uk /ˈtʃiː.zi/ us /ˈtʃiː.zi/ informal

cheesy adjective (BAD STYLE)

informal of bad quality or in bad taste

cheesy hotel music 庸俗的飯店音樂
cheesy adverts 粗俗的廣告

A cheesy smile is wide but not sincere.

She gave a cheesy grin to the cameras. 她向著鏡頭做作地一笑。

cheesy adjective (LIKE CHEESE)

tasting like or of cheese

cheesy snacks 起司味的小吃

UK informal If someone's feet, shoes, or socks are cheesy, they smell unpleasant.

Someone here's got cheesy feet! 這裡誰的腳這麼臭!

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