Translation of "city" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] uk /ˈsɪt.i/ us /ˈsɪt̬.i/

A1 a large town

Many of the world's cities have populations of more than five million. 世界上許多城市的人口超過500萬。
Wellington is the capital city (= centre of government) of New Zealand. 威靈頓是紐西蘭首都。

any town in the UK that has a cathedral (= large, important church)

The city of Ely has about 15,000 inhabitants. 伊利市有大約一萬居民。

mainly US UK usually city council the government of a city:

It's the city's responsibility to maintain the pavements.
My father works for the city.
the City [ S ] UK

the business centre of London where the large financial organizations are, such as the Bank of England

He works in the City. 他在倫敦商業區上班。
a City analyst 倫敦商業區分析師

the financial organizations as a group and the people who work for them

The City acted swiftly to the news of a fall in the value of sterling. 金融界對英鎊下跌的消息迅速作出反應。

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