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uk /kliːn/ us /kliːn/

clean adjective (NOT DIRTY)

A1 not dirty

a clean white shirt 乾淨的白襯衫
clean air/water 清潔的空氣/水
Make sure your hands are clean before you have your dinner. 飯前一定要把手洗乾淨。
Hospitals need to be kept spotlessly (= extremely) clean. 醫院必須保持一塵不染,乾乾淨淨。

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clean adjective (HONEST)

C2 honest or fair, or showing that you have not done anything illegal

a good clean fight/contest 公正的比賽/競賽
The judge took the defendant's clean record (= the absence of previous involvement in crime) into account when passing sentence. 法官在宣判時考慮到被告沒有前科。
I've always had a clean driving licence. 我開車一直都沒有違規紀錄。
It was a clean tackle.

slang not doing anything illegal, or not having or carrying illegal drugs or stolen goods

The police busted Pete last night, but he was clean. 員警昨晚搜查了皮特,可是未搜出他有任何違禁品。

clean adjective (MORAL)

morally acceptable

It's all good, clean fun. 這完全是個正派純潔的玩笑。
clean living 生活清白的

not about sex

Can't you think of any clean jokes? 你腦子裡難道就沒有正經的笑話嗎?

clean adjective (NOT ROUGH)

having no rough edges, and smooth, straight, or equally balanced

I've broken my leg, but the doctor says that it's a clean break, so it should heal easily. 我摔斷了腿,不過醫生說斷口很整齊,應該很快就會長好。
A good clean hit from Pietersen sent the ball straight out to the boundary. 博瑟姆乾淨俐落的一擊將球直接擊出邊界。
What he liked about the car was its clean lines. 他喜歡這輛車簡潔流暢的線條。
I tried to make a clean cut, but the knife wasn't sharp enough. 我想切得整整齊齊,可是刀子不夠鋒利。

clean adjective (COMPLETE)

[ before noun ] complete

It's better for both of us if we make a clean break (of it) (= end our relationship completely). 要是我們一刀兩斷,對雙方都好。
Sara says she needs a clean break with the past. 薩拉說自己需要和過去徹底決裂。
The new prime minister is expected to make a clean sweep (= a complete change) of the government. 人們期望新首相對政府進行大換班。

clean adjective (NOTHING ON)

[ before noun ] When something you write on is clean, there is nothing on it or it is not yet used.

Take a clean sheet of paper. 拿一張白紙來。


uk /kliːn/ us /kliːn/

A1 [ T ] to remove dirt from something

I'm going to clean the windows this morning. 今天上午我要擦窗戶。
You should always clean your teeth after meals. 每次飯後你都應該清潔牙齒。
Would you clean the fingermarks from/off the door? 你把門上的指紋擦掉,好嗎?
He asked her to help him clean out the stables. 他叫她幫忙打掃馬廄。

[ I usually + adv/prep ] to become clean

This carpet doesn't clean very well. 這地毯不太好清洗。
I hope these bloodstains will clean off my shirt. 我希望我襯衫上的這些血跡能洗掉。

[ T ] to prepare a fish or an animal killed for food by removing the inside parts of it that are not eaten


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cleannoun [ S ]

uk /kliːn/ us /kliːn/

when something is cleaned

These windows need a really thorough clean. 這些窗戶需要徹底擦洗一遍。


uk /kliːn/ us /kliːn/


I clean forgot that I was supposed to be meeting Lucy last night. 昨晚我本來應該跟露西見面的,結果我忘得一乾二淨。
He's been cheating his customers for years, and getting clean away with it. 他欺騙顧客多年,還一點事都沒有。
The bullet went clean through his shoulder. 子彈射穿了他的肩膀。

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