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uk /klɪər/ us /klɪr/

clear adjective (ABLE TO BE UNDERSTOOD)

A2 easy to understand, hear, read, or see

clear instructions/directions 清楚易懂的說明/指示
Can we make the sound any clearer? 我們能把聲音再調清晰一點嗎?
Our new television has a very clear picture. 我們的新電視影像十分清晰。
do I make myself clear? also is that clear?

something you say in order to emphasize what you have just said, or to express your authority

I will not tolerate this behaviour any longer. Do I make myself clear? 我不會再容忍這樣的行為了。我的話你明白嗎?

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clear adjective (CERTAIN)

B1 certain, having no doubt, or obvious

He isn't at all clear about what he wants to do with his life. 他根本不清楚自己想過怎樣的生活。
[ + (that) ] It is rapidly becoming clear (to me) (that) I'm not suited to being a teacher. 我很快明白到我不適合當老師。
[ + question word ] It isn't clear how long the strike will go on for. 不知這次罷工會持續多久。
It's a clear case of corruption. 這明顯是一宗貪汙案。
You've made your position quite clear (= there is no doubt about what you think). 你的立場已經十分明確了。

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clear adjective (PURE)

B1 pure or easy to see through, with no marks or areas that are less transparent

clear glass 透明的玻璃
The water in the lake is so clear that you can see the bottom. 湖水清澈見底。
We could see hundreds of stars in the clear desert sky. 沙漠上明朗的天空中可以看到數以百計的星星。
She has a beautifully clear skin/complexion (= with no marks or spots). 她膚色光潔美麗。
The weather is expected to remain clear for the next few days. 預計今後幾天天氣會持續晴朗。
You can see the mountains from here on a clear day. 天氣晴朗的時候,從這裡可以看到層層山巒。

used to describe a pleasant, pure sound

the clear sound of the flute 嘹亮的笛聲

used to describe something that you remember easily

I have clear memories of visiting my grandfather's farm as a child. 我清楚記得小時候去爺爺的農場時的情景。

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clear adjective (NOT BLOCKED)

C1 not covered or blocked by anything

We have a clear view of the ocean from our hotel window. 從飯店的視窗我們可以一覽無遺地看到大海。
The journey was quite quick because the road was clear (= there was not much traffic on it). 因為交通順暢,所以路上走得很快。
I always like to leave my desk clear (= with no work on it) at the end of the day. 每天工作結束時,我總是喜歡把桌面收拾得乾乾淨淨。

not busy or filled by any planned activity

The only time I have clear next week is Tuesday afternoon. 下星期我只有週二下午有空。
We've got two clear (= whole) weeks in which to finish the decorating. 我們有整整兩周時間來完成裝修。

clear adjective (NOT GUILTY)

without being or feeling guilty

to have a clear conscience 問心無愧

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clear adjective (NOT CONFUSED)

free from confusion; able to think quickly and well

Marie is good at making decisions because she's a very clear thinker. 瑪麗擅長作決斷,因為她思維清晰。

clear adjective (WITHOUT PROBLEMS)

[ after verb ] without problems or difficulties

This is the first time in his life that he's been clear of (= without) debt. 這是他生平第一次償清了債務。

clear adjective (LEFT)

used to describe an amount of money that is left after all necessary payments have been made

The school summer fair made a clear profit of £1,500. 學校的夏季義賣會淨賺了500英鎊。
Bill earns a clear $400 a week/earns $400 a week clear. 比爾每星期淨賺400美元。

clear adjective (NOT TOUCHING)

not touching something, or away from something

Only one competitor made a clear jump of the highest fence (= jumped over it without touching it). 只有一位騎手俐落地跨過了最高的障礙物。
When we're clear of the main road, we'll stop for our picnic. 等我們離開大路後再停車野餐。


uk /klɪər/ us /klɪr/

clear verb (REMOVE BLOCK)

B1 [ I or T ] to remove or get rid of whatever is blocking or filling something, or to stop being blocked or full

It took several hours to clear the road after the accident. 意外發生後,用了好幾個小時來清理道路。
I'll make the coffee if you'll clear the table. 你要是去收拾桌子,我就去煮咖啡。
If you use this nasal spray, your nose should clear. 用了這種鼻腔噴劑,你的鼻塞就會好一點。
After my aunt died, we arranged for her house to be cleared (= for the furniture to be removed from it). 我姑媽過世後,我們安排清理了她的房間。
If you press this key, the computer screen will clear (= the text and pictures will be removed from it). 按這個鍵可以清除電腦螢幕上的文檔和圖片。
Shops are currently holding sales to clear their summer stock (= get rid of goods by selling them cheaply). 現在商店都在搞特價促銷來清理夏季庫存。
Paul helped his elderly neighbour by clearing her path of snow/clearing snow from her path. 保羅幫助那位上了年紀的鄰居清掃她家門前路上的積雪。
Could you clear your things off/from the sofa? 把你的東西從沙發上拿走好嗎?
I never leave work until I've cleared my in-tray (= have finished the work that needs to be done). 我總是完成手頭的工作才下班。
clear your throat

to give a small cough

She cleared her throat nervously before she began to speak. 她講話前緊張地清了清喉嚨。

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clear verb (PROVE INNOCENCE)

[ T ] to prove that someone is not guilty of something that they were accused of

After many years in prison, the men were finally cleared of the bombings. 在被監禁多年之後,這些人終於洗清了罪名,證明自己與爆炸事件無關。

clear verb (GIVE PERMISSION)

[ T ] to give official permission for something

Despite local opposition, the plans for the new supermarket have been cleared by the council. 議會不顧當地居民的反對,批准了建新超市的計劃。
Ladies and gentlemen, air-traffic control has now cleared the plane for take-off. 各位女士,各位先生,飛機已得到空中管制的起飛許可。
I don't know if I can get the car tonight - I'll have to clear it with Mum. 我不知道今晚能否拿到車——我需要得到母親的同意。

[ T ] to satisfy the official conditions of something

Before you can enter the country, you have to clear customs. 進入該國必須先通過海關檢查。

clear verb (MAKE PURE)

[ I or T ] to become or make something pure or easy to see through

The children enjoyed stirring the mud at the bottom of the pond, then watching the water slowly clear again. 孩子喜歡攪動池底的淤泥,然後看著水重新慢慢變清。
Your skin would clear (= become free of spots) if you had a healthier diet. 飲食更健康的話,你的皮膚就會變光潔的。
After the thunderstorm, the sky cleared (= stopped being cloudy). 雷雨過後,天放晴了。
The fog is expected to have cleared (away) (= gone) by midday. 到正午時分霧有望散去。

clear verb (NOT CONFUSED)

[ T ] to make your mind free from confusion so that you can think quickly and well

I need to get some fresh air to clear my head (= to make me able to think well). 我需要呼吸點新鮮空氣來清醒一下頭腦。

clear verb (GET RID OF)

clear your debts/clear yourself of debts

to pay back all the money that you owe


clear verb (HAVE LEFT)

[ T ] to have an amount of money left from your earnings after any necessary payments, charges, taxes, etc.

Bill clears $200 a week. 比爾每星期淨賺200美元。

clear verb (CHEQUE)

[ I or T ] to (cause a cheque to) go from one bank to another through a central organization, so that money can be paid to the person it is owed to

It usually takes four to five working days for a cheque to clear. 支票過戶一般需要四到五個工作天。

clear verb (NOT TOUCH)

[ T ] to jump or go over something without touching it

The horse cleared the fence with inches to spare. 馬騰空越過籬笆,還高出了好幾英寸。


uk /klɪər/ us /klɪr/

not touching, or away from

Stand clear of the doors, please. 請遠離門口。
Make sure you park clear of the kerb. 千萬不要貼著路緣停車。
The children were saved from the fire only because a neighbour pulled them clear. 孩子能從火災中倖存下來,多虧了一位鄰居把他們拉出火場。
steer/stay/keep clear

C2 to avoid something or someone

His parents warned him to steer clear of trouble. 父母告誡他不要惹麻煩。

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