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clear (sth) up

phrasal verb with clear uk /klɪər/ us /klɪr/ verb


B2 mainly UK to make a place tidy by removing things from it or putting them where they should be

Dad was clearing up in the kitchen. 爸爸正在收拾廚房。
I'm tired of always having to clear up after you (= tidy your things). 我厭煩了老是要替你整理東西。


If an illness clears up, or if medicine clears an illness up, the illness goes away.

You won't be able to go swimming tomorrow if your cold hasn't cleared up. 如果感冒還不好,明天你就不能去游泳了。
These pills should clear your rash up. 這些藥丸會讓你的疹子消掉。

clear sth up

phrasal verb with clear uk /klɪər/ us /klɪr/ verb

B2 to give or find an explanation for something, or to deal with a problem or argument

They never cleared up the mystery of the missing money. 他們一直沒搞清楚錢是怎麼不翼而飛的。
After 20 years the case has finally been cleared up. 20年後,這個案子終於真相大白。

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