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uk /klaɪm/ us /klaɪm/

climb verb (RISE)

B2 [ I ] to go up, or to go towards the top of something

The plane climbed quickly to a height of 30,000 feet. 飛機迅速爬升到三萬英尺的高度。
As it leaves the village, the road climbs steeply up the mountain. 出了村莊,這條路沿著山坡陡然向上。
The sun climbed higher in the sky. 太陽升得更高了。

A2 [ I or T ] to use your legs, or your legs and hands, to go up or onto the top of something

to climb the stairs/mountain 爬樓梯/登山
I hate climbing ladders. 我討厭爬梯子。
We're going climbing (= climbing mountains as a sport) in Scotland next weekend. 下週末我們要去蘇格蘭爬山。

[ I ] If a price, number, or amount climbs, it increases.

Our costs have climbed rapidly in the last few years. 過去幾年裡我們的成本增長很快。

[ I ] to move into a higher social position, or to improve your position at work

He quickly climbed to the top of his profession. 他很快攀上了事業巔峰。

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climb verb (MOVE)

B2 [ I usually + adv/prep ] to move into or out of a small space awkwardly or with difficulty or effort

They climbed into the truck and drove away. 他們爬上卡車開走了。
We can't stop Tom climbing out of his cot. 我們沒法讓湯姆留在嬰兒床裡不往外爬。

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climb verb (GROW)

[ I ] to grow upwards

There's masses of ivy climbing up/over the walls of our house. 我們房子的牆上爬滿了常春藤。

Phrasal verb(s)

climbnoun [ C ]

uk /klaɪm/ us /klaɪm/

an act or process of climbing

We were very tired after our climb. 往上爬了一陣後我們累壞了。
The climb down the mountain took longer than the climb up. 下山比上山用的時間更長。
I've made three climbs so far this year. 今年,我已爬過三次山了。
Her climb to power has been very rapid. 她很快就上臺掌權了。

a place or object to be climbed

The north face of the Eiger is a very difficult climb. 艾格峰的北坡很難攀登。

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