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uk /kləʊz/ us /kloʊz/

close verb (NOT OPEN)

A1 [ I or T ] to (cause something to) change from being open to not being open

Could you close the door/window please? 請關上門/窗,好嗎?
Close your eyes - I've got a surprise for you. 閉上眼睛——我有個驚喜給你。

A2 [ I ] When a shop, restaurant, or public place closes, people cannot go into it.

The banks had closed (to customers) so I couldn't get any money out. 銀行關門了,所以我取不了錢。
The museum closes at 5.30. 博物館五點半閉館。
We can't get a drink! It's after closing time. 我們喝不到酒了!已經打烊了。

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close verb (END)

C2 [ I or T ] to (cause something to) end

The play closed with the tragic death of both hero and heroine. 這部戲以男女主角的慘死告終。
She closed the meeting with a short speech. 她以簡短的講話結束了會議。
The pound closed at (= was worth) $1.47 at the end of the day's trading. 英鎊在一天交易結束時收盤價為1.47美元。

B2 [ I or T ] to (cause a business, organization, or business arrangement to) stop operating

I closed that bank account when I came to London. 我一到倫敦就把那個銀行帳戶取消了。
The factory closed over ten years ago. 這家工廠十幾年前就關閉了。
close a deal

to make a successful business arrangement with someone

We closed a deal with a major supermarket. 我們與一家大超市做成了一筆交易。

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uk /kləʊs/ /kləʊz/ us /kloʊs/ /kloʊz/

close noun (END)

uk /kləʊz/ us /kloʊz/ [ S ] the end of something, or the time when you end it

I tried to bring the conversation to a close. 我盡力使這次談話快點結束。
"Let's draw this meeting to a close, gentlemen," said the chairman. 「各位先生,我們這次會議就到此為止吧,」主席說。

close noun (ROAD)

uk /kləʊs/ us /kloʊs/ [ C ] UK a road, usually with private houses, that vehicles can only enter from one end

He lives at 83 Barker Close. 他住在巴克街83號。


uk /kləʊs/ us /kloʊs/

close adjective (RELATIONSHIP)

B1 having direct family connections or shared beliefs, support, and sympathy

There weren't many people at the funeral - just close family/relatives. 葬禮上沒有多少人——只有一些至親。
They're a worrying political party because of their close links/ties with terrorist groups. 這個政黨令人擔憂,因為他們與恐怖組織有密切聯繫。
In those early months, there's a very close bond between mother and child. 在嬰兒出生後的頭幾個月,母嬰之間有一種非常親密的紐帶關係。
a close community 非常團結的集體

A2 People who are close know each other very well and like each other a lot, or who see and talk to each other a lot.

Mira is one of my closest friends. 米拉是我的一位密友。
Her relationship isn't good with her father, but she's very close to her mother. 她和父親的關係不好,可是和母親的關係非常親近。
My brother and I have become much closer over the years. 這些年,哥哥和我的關係親密多了。

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close adjective (SECRETIVE)

unwilling to talk about things to other people

He's so close about his past - it seems like he's hiding something. 他對自己的過去守口如瓶——好像要隱瞞甚麼似的。

close adjective (LACKING AIR)

used to describe weather or air conditions in which it is difficult to breathe and it is uncomfortably warm

Can I open the window? It's very close in here. 我能開窗嗎?這裡太悶了。

closeadjective, adverb

uk /kləʊs/ us /kloʊs/

close adjective, adverb (NEAR)

A1 not far in position or time

Don't get too close to that dog, Rosie. 羅西,別太靠近那隻狗。
I hate people standing too close to me. 我討厭別人站得太靠近我。
As Christmas gets closer, the shops get more and more crowded. 隨著聖誕節臨近,商店裡越來越擁擠。
Emma looked close to tears (= almost going to cry). 艾瑪看起來要哭了。
close by


Shall we call in on Miranda? You know she lives quite close by. 我們去拜訪一下米蘭達,好嗎?你知道的,她就住在附近。

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close adjective, adverb (SIMILAR)

C1 having only a small difference

The election results were so close they had to vote again. 選舉結果非常接近,他們不得不重新投票。
He came second in the race, but it was very close. 他跑了第二名,不過差距很小。
The youngest boys are so close in age they look like twins. 兩個最小的男孩年齡很接近,看上去就像雙胞胎。
Both children bear a very close resemblance to their father. 兩個孩子長得都很像他們的父親。
close on/to


I think there are close on three million unemployed at present. 我想現在有將近300萬失業人口。

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