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uk /ˈkləʊ us /ˈkloʊ

closely adverb (RELATIONSHIP)

B2 in a way that is directly connected or has a strong relationship

English and German are closely related. 英語和德語的親緣關係很密切。
Both politicians have been closely associated with the movement for some time. 這兩位政界人士與這場運動有密切關係,而且都已經有一段時間了。
We are working closely with the police. 我們正與警方密切合作。

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closely adverb (CAREFULLY)

C1 carefully and paying attention to details

Pollution levels are closely monitored. 污染水準受到嚴密的監控。
He looked again more closely at the marks. 他又看了看分數,比上一次更加仔細。

closely adverb (SIMILAR)

without a big difference between two people, groups, or things

The two teams are closely matched. 兩隊的實力平分秋色。
It was a closely fought election. 競選相當激烈,各候選人勢均力敵。

closely adverb (SECRETIVE)

in a way that tries hard to keep something secret

a closely guarded secret 嚴格保守的秘密

closely adverb (NEAR)

C1 not far in time or position

The Swiss boat is in the lead, followed closely by the French. 瑞士隊的船領先,緊隨其後的是法國隊。

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