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cluenoun [ C ]

uk /kluː/ us /kluː/

B2 a sign or some information that helps you to find the answer to a problem, question, or mystery

Police are still looking for clues in their search for the missing girl. 警方仍在尋找能幫助搜索失蹤女孩的線索。
I'm never going to guess the answer if you don't give me a clue. 要是你不給我一點提示,我永遠也猜不到答案。

More examples

  • The police found a vital clue to the girl's disappearance in a wooded area near her home.
  • Forensic scientists are going over the victim's flat in a search for clues about the murderer.
  • The police are collecting clues in order to piece together the details of the day she died.
  • He pored over the letter searching for clues about the writer.
  • The police tried to reconstruct the crime using the statements of witnesses and clues that they had found.

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