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coilnoun [ C ]

uk /kɔɪl/ us /kɔɪl/

coil noun [ C ] (CIRCLE)

a length of rope, hair, or wire, arranged into a series of circles, one above the other

A coil of rope lay on the beach. 海灘上放著一圈繩子。
figurative A coil of thick blue smoke rose up from his pipe. 一圈藍色的濃煙從他的煙鬥裡冒了出來。

specialized electronics a twisted length of wire through which an electric current travels


coil noun [ C ] (MEDICAL)

UK informal an IUD (= a medical device to stop a woman becoming pregnant)


coilverb [ I or T ]

uk /kɔɪl/ us /kɔɪl/

to arrange something in a coil

She coiled her hair into a neat bun on top of her head. 她把頭髮在頭頂挽成一個俐落的髮髻。
The snake coiled itself tightly around the deer. 蛇緊緊地把鹿纏住。

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