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collaborateverb [ I ]

uk /kəˈlæb.ə.reɪt/ us /kəˈlæb.ə.reɪt/

collaborate verb [ I ] (WORK WITH)

C1 to work with someone else for a special purpose

Two writers collaborated on the script for the film. 兩位作家合寫了這部電影的劇本。
A German company collaborated with a Swiss firm to develop the product. 一家德國公司與一家瑞士小公司合作開發該產品。
The British and Italian police collaborated in catching the terrorists. 英國警方和義大利警方通力合作,抓住了恐怖分子。

collaborate verb [ I ] (SUPPORT AN ENEMY)

disapproving to work with an enemy who has taken control of your own country

Anyone who was suspected of collaborating with the occupying forces was arrested. 任何涉嫌與佔領軍勾結的人都被逮捕了。

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