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uk /kəˈlæps/ us /kəˈlæps/

collapse verb (FALL)

B2 [ I ] to fall down suddenly because of pressure or having no strength or support

Thousands of buildings collapsed in the earthquake. 數以千計的建築物在地震中倒塌了。
The chair collapsed under her weight. 椅子承受不了她的重量散架了。
figurative He thought his whole world had collapsed when his wife died. 妻子去世後他覺得自己的整個世界都坍塌了。

B2 [ I ] If someone collapses, they fall down because of being sick or weak.

He collapsed and died of a heart attack. 他心臟病發作,倒地而亡。

[ I or T ] to fold something into a smaller shape, usually so it can be stored, or (especially of furniture) to fold in this way

All chairs collapse for easy storage. 所有的椅子摺疊起來以便存放。

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collapse verb (FAIL)

C2 [ I ] (of people and business) to suddenly be unable to continue or work correctly

Lots of people lost their jobs when the property market collapsed. 房地產市場崩潰後,許多人丟了工作。
Talks between management and unions have collapsed. 勞資談判徹底破裂。
Share prices collapsed (= became lower suddenly) after news of poor trading. 貿易不景氣的消息傳出後股價暴跌。

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uk /kəˈlæps/ us /kəˈlæps/

collapse noun (FAILURE)

B2 [ C or U ] the sudden failure of a system, organization, business, etc.

I don't know what caused the collapse of her marriage. 我不知道她婚姻失敗的原因是甚麼。
A poor economy has caused the collapse of thousands of small businesses. 經濟蕭條導致數以千計的小型企業破產。
Negotiations between the two countries are on the brink/verge of collapse (= very soon going to fail). 兩國的談判瀕臨破裂。
He suffered a mental/nervous collapse after ten years' teaching. 執教十年後,他的精神/神經崩潰了。

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collapse noun (FALL)

[ S or U ] the sudden falling movement of a person or structure that has become too weak to stand

He was taken to hospital after his collapse on the pitch. 他昏倒在球場後被送往醫院。
the collapse of a building during the earthquake 地震中一座塔樓的倒塌

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