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come out

phrasal verb with come uk /kʌm/ us /kʌm/ verb came, come


UK to go somewhere with someone for a social event

Would you like to come out for a drink sometime? 找時間出來喝一杯好嗎?

More examples

  • Can Adam come out to play?
  • Jenny came out with us last night.
  • We can never persuade Alan to come out.
  • Would you like to come out with us some time?


B1 If a book, record, film, etc. comes out, it becomes available for people to buy or see.

When does their new album come out? 他們的新專輯甚麼時候面市?

More examples


B1 When the sun, moon, or stars come out, they appear in the sky.

The clouds finally parted and the sun came out. 雲終於散去,太陽出來了。


C2 If something comes out, it becomes known publicly after it has been kept secret.

After her death, it came out that she'd lied about her age. 她死後人們發現她謊報了自己的年齡。
When the truth came out, there was public outrage. 真相揭露後,公眾極為憤慨。

B2 If information, results, etc. come out, they are given to people.

The exam results come out in August. 考試成績八月份揭曉。

C2 to tell people that you are gay, often after having kept this secret for some time



[ + adv/prep or adjective ] to be in a certain condition or to achieve something at the end of a process or activity

She came out of the divorce settlement a rich woman. 離婚財產分配使她變得富有。
These figures have come out wrong! I don't understand it. 得出的這些數字都錯了!我搞不懂是怎麼回事。
Your painting has come out really well. 你畫的畫真不錯。
He hasn't exactly come out of the scandal with his reputation enhanced. 那樁醜聞過後,他的聲譽實際上並沒有得到提高。


C2 If dirt or a mark comes out, it disappears from something when it is cleaned.

Did the red wine stain come out? 紅葡萄酒的汙漬洗掉了嗎?


If a photo or part of a photo comes out, the picture can be seen clearly.

The photos didn't come out because the room was so dark. 因為房間裡太暗,照片沒有洗出來。
He's in the picture, but his face hasn't come out very clearly. 照片上有他,但他的臉照得不是很清楚。


[ + adv/prep ] to express an opinion

In the survey politicians came out overwhelmingly in favour of capital punishment. 在調查中,政治家一面倒地表示支持死刑。
Some of the members supported the changes, but the majority came out against. 成員中有的支援改革,但大多數表示反對。


C2 If something you say comes out in a particular way, that is how you say it.

I didn't mean to be rude - it just came out like that. 我不想無禮——只是話說得太直。
When I tried to tell her that I loved her it came out all wrong. 我本想告訴她我愛她,可是話一出口就走了樣。


UK If workers come out, they stop working because of a disagreement.

The postal workers have come out in support of their pay claim. 郵政人員罷工支持他們增加工資的要求。


When flowers come out, they open.

Daffodils come out in spring. 水仙在春天開花。

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