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uk /kəˈmɪt/ us /kəˈmɪt/ -tt-

commit verb (CRIME)

B2 [ T ] to do something illegal or something that is considered wrong

He was sent to prison for a crime that he didn't commit. 他蒙冤入獄。
to commit adultery/murder 犯通姦罪/殺人罪
to commit an offence 犯法

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commit verb (PROMISE)

C2 [ I or T ] to promise or give your loyalty, time, or money to a particular principle, person, or plan of action

Like so many men, he has problems committing himself to a relationship. 像許多男人一樣,他也有用情不專的問題。
The government must commit itself to improving healthcare. 政府必須致力改善醫療保健服務。
Once we have committed to this course of action there is no going back. 一旦我們承諾採取這個行動,就沒有回頭路。
commit yourself

to express an opinion or to make a decision that you tell people about

I think I can come but I won't commit myself till I know for sure. 我想我能來,但在確定之前我不能保證。
commit sth to memory

to make certain that you remember something

commit sth to paper

to write something down

Perhaps we should commit these ideas to paper before we forget them. 也許我們應該把這些想法寫在紙上,免得忘記。

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commit verb (SEND)

[ T ] formal to send someone officially to prison or hospital

He's been committed to prison for fraud. 他因詐騙而鋃鐺入獄。


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