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uk /kənˈsɜːnd/ us /kənˈsɝːnd/

concerned adjective (WORRIED)

B2 worried

I'm a bit concerned about/for your health. 我有點擔心你的健康。
[ + (that) ] Aren't you concerned (that) she might tell someone? 難道你不擔心她會跟別人講嗎?
[ + to infinitive ] He was concerned to hear that two of his trusted workers were leaving. 聽到他信任的兩名工人要走,他感到擔憂。
Concerned parents have complained about the dangerous playground. 憂心忡忡的家長抱怨那個兒童遊樂場太危險。

More examples

  • Many people are very concerned about the destruction of the rainforests.
  • Theatre companies are very concerned about cuts in government grants to the arts.
  • Police are concerned that mugging is on the increase.
  • In the movie, he plays a concerned and sensitive father trying to bring up two teenage children on his own.
  • Today, people are much more concerned about their health than they were in the past.

concerned adjective (INVOLVED)

C2 [ after verb ] involved in something or affected by it

I'd like to thank everyone concerned for making the occasion run so smoothly. 我要感謝為本次活動順利進行而付出努力的所有相關人員。
It was quite a shock for all/everyone concerned. 與此有關的人都很震驚。
Her job is something concerned with computers. 她的工作跟電腦有關。
I'm not very good where money is concerned (= when dealing with money). 我不太會理財。
as far as sb is concerned

B2 in a particular person's opinion

As far as I'm concerned, feng shui doesn't work. 在我看來,有關風水的說法根本就是一派胡言。
as far as sth is concerned

B2 if we are discussing or thinking about a particular thing

As far as unemployment's concerned, a change of policy on job creation would be a good idea. 就失業問題而言,更換政府會是個好主意。
be concerned with sth/sb

C1 to be about a particular thing or person

Today's lesson is concerned with punctuation. 今天的課是關於標點符號的。

More examples

  • He's a bit of a dilettante as far as wine is concerned.
  • The rally has been cancelled for the good of all concerned.
  • The well-known humanitarian, Joseph Rowntree, was concerned with the welfare of his employees.
  • I'm a complete ignoramus where computers are concerned.
  • It never pays to take risks where human safety is concerned.

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