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uk /kənˈstrʌk.ʃən/ us /kənˈstrʌk.ʃən/

construction noun (BUILDING)

B2 [ U ] the work of building or making something, especially buildings, bridges, etc.

She works in construction/in the construction industry. 她從事建築行業。
The bridge is a marvellous work of engineering and construction. 這座橋樑是工程學和建築業的傑作。
This website is currently under construction (= being created). 該網站目前正在創建中。

[ U ] the particular type of structure, materials, etc. that something has

The bridge is of lightweight construction. 這座橋結構較輕。

B2 [ C ] a building

What's that concrete and metal construction over there? 那邊那座混凝土和金屬結構的建築物是甚麽?

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construction noun (LANGUAGE)

B2 [ C ] specialized language the way in which the words in a sentence or phrase are arranged

The writer has used several complex grammatical constructions. 作者使用了幾個複雜的句法結構。
put a construction on sth formal

to understand something in a particular way

How can they put such a damning construction on a perfectly innocent phrase? 他們怎麽能把一個毫無惡意的詞語理解爲譴責呢?

to understand something as having a particular meaning, especially other people's actions and statements

I don't want them to put the wrong construction on my actions. 我不想讓他們誤解我的舉動。

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