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uk /kənˈteɪn/ us /kənˈteɪn/

contain verb (HOLD)

B1 [ T not continuous ] to have something inside or include something as a part

How much liquid do you think this bottle contains? 你認爲這個瓶可裝多少液體?
I lost a file containing a lot of important documents. 我丟了一個裝有大量重要文件的文件夾。
Try to avoid foods which contain a lot of fat. 儘量別吃脂肪含量高的食物。
The allegations contained in this report are very serious. 這份報告中提出的指控非常嚴重。

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contain verb (CONTROL)

[ T not continuous ] to keep something harmful within limits and not allow it to spread

Farms in the area have been closed off in an attempt to contain the disease. 為阻止疾病擴散,該地區的農場都被關閉了。
More police were sent to help contain the violence. 更多警力被派去協助控制暴力行為。

C2 [ T often in negatives ] to control or hide a strong emotion, such as excitement or anger

She could no longer contain her anger and started yelling at him. 她再也無法抑制自己的憤怒,不由自主地向他大叫起來。
humorous Contain yourself! It's not that exciting. 控制一下!沒那麽精彩!

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