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contentadjective [ after verb ]

uk /kənˈtent/ us /kənˈtent/

B2 pleased with your situation and not hoping for change or improvement

He seems fairly content with (his) life. 他好像對生活相當滿足。
[ + to infinitive ] They're content to socialize with a very small circle of people. 他們滿足於只和一小群人交往。

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uk /ˈkɒn.tent/ us /ˈkɑːn.tent/

content noun (SUBJECT)

contents [ plural ]

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B2 the articles or parts contained in a magazine or book, with the number of the page they begin on

the table of (= list of) contents
the contents page

B2 [ S or U ] the ideas that are contained in a piece of writing, a speech, or a film

It's a very stylish and beautiful film, but it lacks content. 這齣電影很新潮而且畫面美麗,但內容空洞。
We've discussed the unusual form of the book - now, what about the content? 我們已經討論了這本書與衆不同的形式——現在,談談它的內容怎麽樣?

content noun (AMOUNT)

contents [ plural ]

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B1 everything that is contained within something

The contents of his bag spilled all over the floor. 他袋子裡的東西掉了一地。
He didn't need to open the letter because he already knew the contents. 他幾乎不用拆那封信,因為他已經知道內容了。

C2 [ S ] the amount of a particular substance contained in something

Chocolate has a high fat content. 巧克力脂肪含量很高。

contentverb [ T ]

uk /kənˈtent/ us /kənˈtent/

to make someone feel happy and satisfied

You're quite easily contented, aren't you? 你很容易滿足,是不是?
My explanation seemed to content him. 我的解釋似乎讓他很滿意。

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