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contextnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈkɒn.tekst/ us /ˈkɑːn.tekst/

context noun [ C ] (CAUSE OF EVENT)

B2 the situation within which something exists or happens, and that can help explain it

It is important to see all the fighting and bloodshed in his plays in historical context. 結合歷史背景解讀他戲劇作品中所有的爭鬥和流血事件,這點很重要。
This small battle is very important in the context of Scottish history. 這場小戰役在蘇格蘭歷史上非常重要。

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context noun [ C ] (LANGUAGE)

C1 the text or speech that comes immediately before and after a particular phrase or piece of text and helps to explain its meaning

In this exercise, a word is blanked out and you have to guess what it is by looking at the context. 在這個練習中,有一個單詞被抽去了,你必須根據上下文猜測這個單詞是甚麽。
out of context

If words are used out of context, only a small separate part of what was originally said or written is reported, with the result that their meaning is not clear or is not understood.

The reporter took my remarks completely out of context. 報紙引用我的話完全是斷章取義。

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