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contrarynoun [ S ]

uk /ˈkɒn.trə.ri/ us /ˈkɑːn.tre.ri/ formal
the contrary

the opposite

I was worried that it might be too hard for me but it turned out the contrary was true. 我原來擔心那可能對我來說太難了,可是我發現恰恰相反。
on the contrary

B2 used to show that you think or feel the opposite of what has just been stated

"I thought you said the film was exciting?" "On the contrary, I nearly fell asleep half way through it!" 「你不覺得這齣電影很精彩嗎?」「正相反,看到一半我差點睡著!」
to the contrary

C1 saying or showing the opposite

For a long time it was thought to be a harmless substance, but we now have proof/evidence to the contrary. 長期以來這種物質被認爲是無害的,但最近我們有了相反的證據。


uk /ˈkɒn.trə.ri/ /kənˈtreə.ri/ us /ˈkɑːn.trɚ.i/ /kənˈtrer.i/

contrary adjective (OPPOSITE)

C1 uk /ˈkɒn.trə.ri/ us /ˈkɑːn.tre-/ opposite

a contrary point of view 相反的觀點
Contrary to all our expectations, he found a well-paid job and a nice girlfriend. 出乎我們的意料,他找到了一份報酬不菲的工作和一個漂亮的女友。
contrary to popular opinion uk /ˈkɒn.trə.ri/ us /ˈkɑːn.tre-/

in a different way from what most people believe

Contrary to popular opinion, I don't dye my hair! 與大多數人的想法不同,我不染頭髮!

contrary adjective (NOT REASONABLE)

uk /kənˈtreə.ri/ us /-ˈtrer.i/ A contrary person wants to disagree with and annoy other people.

He doesn't really mean it - he's just being contrary. 這不是他的本意——他只是在故意作對。

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