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coolnessnoun [ U ]

uk /ˈkuːl.nəs/ us /ˈkuːl.nəs/

coolness noun [ U ] (CALM)

C2 the ability to stay calm and act in a reasonable way even in difficult situations

Her coolness in an emergency was admirable. 她在危急關頭表現出的冷靜沈著令人欽佩。

coolness noun [ U ] (UNFRIENDLINESS)

C2 behaviour that shows no warm feelings or friendliness

I noticed a certain coolness between your parents. 我注意到你父母彼此間有些冷漠。

coolness noun [ U ] (COLD)

C1 the quality of being slightly cold

There's a slight coolness in the air - do you think it's going to rain? 空氣中有一絲涼意——你覺得會下雨嗎?

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