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uk /kəʊˈɔː.dɪ.neɪt/ us /koʊˈɔːr.dən.eɪt/

coordinate verb (COMBINE)

[ T ] UK also co-ordinate to make many different things work effectively as a whole

We need someone to coordinate the whole campaign. 我們需要有個人來協調整個活動。
A number of charities are coordinating their efforts to distribute food to the region. 幾家慈善機構通力協作爲該地區分發食品。

coordinate verb (MATCH)

[ I ] to match or look attractive together

The bed linen coordinates with the bedroom curtains. 床單和睡房的窗簾很相配。
a coordinating jacket and skirt 搭配得體的上衣和裙子


uk /kəʊˈɔː.dɪ.nət/ us /koʊˈɔːr.dən.ət/

coordinate noun (POSITION)

[ C usually plural ] one of a pair of numbers and/or letters that show the exact position of a point on a map or graph


coordinate noun (CLOTHES)

coordinates [ plural ]

clothes, especially for women, that are made in matching colours or styles so that they can be worn together


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