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uk /kɒst/ us /kɑːst/

cost noun (MONEY SPENT)

A2 [ U ] the amount of money needed to buy, do, or make something

When you buy a new computer, you usually get software included at no extra cost (= for no additional money). 買電腦時通常免費附送軟體。
In most families, two salaries are essential to cover the cost of (= pay for) raising a family. 對許多家長來說,要支付孩子學費雙職薪水必不可少。
The supermarket chain announced that it was cutting the cost (= reducing the price) of all its fresh and frozen meat. 這家連鎖超市宣佈其所有鮮肉和冷凍肉減價銷售。
It's difficult for most people to deal with the rising cost of (= increasing price of) healthcare. 大多數人都難以承受醫療保健費用的上漲。
I was able to buy the damaged goods at cost (= for only the amount of money needed to produce or get the goods, without any extra money added for profit). 我能以成本價買到殘損商品。
costs [ plural ]

the amount of money needed for a business or to do a particular job

We need to cut our advertising costs. 我們需要削減廣告支出。
The estimated costs of the building project are well over £1 million. 這項建築工程的成本預算大大超出100萬英鎊。

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B2 [ S or U ] something that is given, needed, or lost in order to get a particular thing

We were going to paint the house ourselves, but when we considered the cost in time and effort, we decided to get a painter to do it for us. 我們本打算自己漆房子,可是考慮到既費時又費力,還是決定請油漆工來做。
The driver managed not to hit the child who ran in front of his car, but only at the cost of injuring himself. 司機避開了在他車前亂跑的小孩,可自己卻受了傷。
She has finally got the job she wanted, but at great personal cost (= she has had to give up other things that were important to her). 她最終得到了想要的那份工作,可是個人付出的代價很大。
UK It's not worth getting into an argument with Paula, as I learned to my cost (= from my unpleasant experience of having done so). 不值得和蒂姆發生爭執,因為我已有過教訓。

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costverb [ T ]

uk /kɒst/ us /kɑːst/

cost verb [ T ] (MONEY)

A2 cost, cost If something costs an amount of money, you must pay that amount to buy or do it.

"How much does this book cost?" "It costs £25." 「這本書多少錢?」「25英鎊。」
It costs a lot to buy a house in this part of Sydney. 在倫敦的這一地區買棟房子要花很多錢。
[ + two objects ] The trip will cost you $1,000. 這趟旅遊要花去你1000美元。

costed, costed to calculate the future cost of something

My boss asked me to cost the materials for the new fence and gate. 你是如何細算新圍欄和大門的材料費用的?
Has your plan been properly costed (out)? 你的方案好好計算過成本嗎?

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cost verb [ T ] (DESTROY)

B2 cost, cost to cause someone to lose or destroy something valuable

Drinking and driving costs lives (= can cause accidents in which people die). 酒後駕車會付出生命的代價。
[ + two objects ] His affairs cost him his marriage (= his marriage ended because of them). 婚外情葬送了他的婚姻。

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