Translation of "cost" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


verb [ T ] (MONEY) uk us /kɒst/ US  /kɑːst/

(cost, cost) If something costs an amount of money, you must pay that amount to buy or do it

"How much does this book cost (= What is the price of this book)?" "It costs £25." 「這本書多少錢?」「25英鎊。」
It costs a lot to buy a house in this part of London. 在倫敦的這一地區買棟房子要花很多錢。
[ + two objects ] The trip will cost you $1000. 這趟旅遊要花去你1000美元。

(costed, costed) to calculate the future cost of something

How carefully did you cost the materials for the new fence and gate? 你是如何細算新圍欄和大門的材料費用的?
Has your scheme been properly costed (out)? 你的方案好好計算過成本嗎?

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