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counternoun [ C ]

uk /ˈkaʊn.tər/ us /ˈkaʊn.t̬ɚ/

counter noun [ C ] (SURFACE)

B2 a long, flat, narrow surface or table in a shop, bank, restaurant, etc. at which people are served

There was nobody behind/on the counter when I went into the bank, and I had to wait to be served. 我進銀行時櫃枱後沒人,我只得等候有人出來服務。
You will find sausages on the meat counter/rolls on the bread counter. 你會在肉櫃枱找到香腸/在麵包櫃枱找到麵包捲。

mainly US UK usually worktop, work surface a kitchen counter

We stacked the dirty plates on the kitchen counter. 我們把髒碟子堆放在廚房的料理枱上。

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counter noun [ C ] (OBJECT IN GAME)

C2 US also piece a small object used to mark someone's place in some games played on boards


counter noun [ C ] (DOING COUNTING)

a person or machine that counts


counterverb [ I or T ]

uk /ˈkaʊn.tər/ us /ˈkaʊn.t̬ɚ/

to react to something with an opposing opinion or action, or to defend yourself against something

After the government bombed their camp, the rebels countered with an attack on the capital. 首相反駁了反對黨關於社會保健服務開支被削減的說法,稱政府已增加了這方面的開支。
When criticisms were made of the school's performance, the parents' group countered with details of its exam results. 當有人對學校的表現提出批評時,家長會舉出具體的考試成績予以反駁。
Extra police have been moved into the area to counter the risk of violence. 加派了員警進駐該地區以鎮壓可能出現的暴力事件。


uk /ˈkaʊn.tər/ us /ˈkaʊn.t̬ɚ/

C2 in a way that opposes something

Bob's decision not to take the job ran counter to his family's expectations. 鮑勃不接受這份工作的決定與其家人的期望相悖。


uk /kaʊn.tər-/ us /kaʊn.t̬ɚ-/

opposing or as a reaction to something

a counterattack (= an attack on someone who has attacked you) 反擊;反攻

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