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uk /kræk/ us /kræk/

crack verb (BREAK)

B2 [ T or I ] to break something so that it does not separate, but very thin lines appear on its surface, or to become broken in this way

A stone hit the window and cracked the glass. 石塊擊中窗戶,打裂了玻璃。
I cracked my tooth as I fell. 我摔倒時把牙齒磕了一道裂縫。
The walls cracked and the roof collapsed in the earthquake. 地震中牆壁開裂,屋頂坍塌。

[ I ] informal to become mentally and physically weak

Stress and overwork are causing teachers to crack (up). 壓力和過度勞累使老師們身心疲憊。

[ I ] informal to fail as a result of problems

Their relationship began to crack (up) after their child died. 孩子夭折後,他們的關係開始出現問題。

[ I ] If someone cracks, that person begins to feel weak and agrees that they have been defeated.

He cracked during questioning and told us where to find the stolen goods. 他經受不住盤問,向我們供出了贓物藏匿處。

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crack verb (GET INTO)

[ T ] to break something open, especially in order to reach or use what is inside

Crack three eggs into a bowl and mix them together. 往碗裡打三個蛋,並攪拌均勻。
He cracked (open) the nuts with his hands. 他用手將堅果捏開。

[ T ] also crack into sth to get into someone else's computer system without permission and get information or do something illegal


[ T ] informal to copy computer programs or recorded material illegally


crack verb (FIND ANSWER)

[ T ] to find a solution to a problem

They cracked the code and read the secret message. 他們破譯了密碼,讀取了密電。
UK I've been trying to solve this problem all week, but I still haven't cracked it. 整個星期我一直在試圖解決這個問題,但還是不得要領。

crack verb (HIT)

[ I or T, usually + adv/prep ] to hit something or someone

I cracked my head on/against the door. 我的頭撞在門上。
They cracked him over the head with a baseball bat. 他們用棒球棒敲打他的腦袋。

crack verb (MAKE SOUND)

[ I or T ] to make a sudden, short noise, or to cause something to make this noise

The whip cracked over the horses' heads. 鞭子在馬頭上方劈啪抽響。
He's always cracking his knuckles (= pulling the joints of his fingers to make a noise). 他總是把自己的手指關節弄得劈啪作響。

[ I ] If a voice cracks, its sound changes because the person is upset.

Her voice cracked with emotion as she told the story. 講起這件事時她激動得嗓音都嘶啞了。

crack verb (MAKE JOKE)

C1 [ T ] to make a joke or funny remark

He's always cracking jokes. 他總愛說笑話。


uk /kræk/ us /kræk/

crack noun (NARROW SPACE)

C2 [ C ] a very narrow space between parts of something

Cracks had appeared in the dry ground. 乾涸的土地上出現了裂縫。
We peered through the crack in the floorboards. 我們透過地板塊之間的縫隙使勁看。
figurative Cracks began to show in his façade of self-confidence. 他自信的外表下開始露出破綻。
(just) a crack

so that there is a very small space

She opened the door just a crack to listen to the conversation. 她只把門打開一條縫聽人談話。

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crack noun (SOUND)

[ C ] a sudden loud sound

the crack of a rifle/whip/breaking branch 步槍/鞭子/樹枝斷裂的劈啪聲

crack noun (ATTEMPT)

[ C usually singular ] informal an attempt

It was her first crack at beating the record. 這是她第一次嘗試破紀錄。
It's not something I've done before, but I'll have/ (US take) a crack at it. 這事我從未做過,但我會試一試。

crack noun (DRUG)

[ U ] also crack cocaine slang a powerful form of the drug cocaine

Several kilos of crack were found in her luggage. 在她的行李中發現了好幾公斤強效純古柯鹼。
a crack addict 吸強效純古柯鹼成癮的人

crack noun (ENJOYABLE TIME)

[ U ] →  craic



[ C ] informal a method of getting into someone else's computer system

Find cracks for your shareware programs. 為你的共用軟體找到非法進入的方法。

crack noun (JOKE)

[ C ] a wisecrack


crackadjective [ before noun ]

uk /kræk/ us /kræk/

excellent, or of the highest quality

a crack regiment 王牌軍團
crack troops 精銳部隊

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