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uk /ˈkred.ɪt/ us /ˈkred.ɪt/

credit noun (PRAISE)

B2 [ U ] praise, approval, or honour

She got no credit for solving the problem. 她沒有因為解決了這一問題而得到任何讚許。
Her boss took credit for it/took (all) the credit instead. 她的老闆反倒為此贏得了聲譽/把一切全歸功於自己。
To her (great) credit, she admitted she was wrong. 她承認自己錯了,這(很)值得稱讚。
I gave him credit for (= thought that he would have) better judgment than he showed. 我高估了他的判斷力。
be a credit to sb/sth

to do something that makes a person, group, or organization feel proud or receive praise

She is a credit to her family. 她給家裡帶來了榮耀。
do your family, parents, teacher, etc. credit

to cause someone who has been or is responsible for you to receive praise by your good behaviour or successful actions

She does her teachers credit. 她給她的老師們增了光。
all credit to sb

used to show that you think a person deserves a lot of praise for something that they have done

All credit to her, she did it all herself. 她值得大加讚賞,一切都是她一個人幹的。

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credit noun (MONEY)

B1 [ U ] a method of paying for goods or services at a later time, usually paying interest as well as the original money

They decided to buy the car on credit. 他們決定用信用貸款的方法買那輛汽車。
The shop was offering six months' (interest-free) credit on electronic goods. 這家店提供六個月期限的(免息)電器信用貸款服務。

B1 [ C or U ] money in your bank account

I was relieved to see from my statement that my account was in credit. 看到對帳單上我的帳戶仍有存款,我鬆了一口氣。

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  • Her credit is good .
  • Now I've paid in that cheque, I'm in credit again.

credit noun (COURSE UNIT)

B2 [ C ] a unit that represents a successfully finished part of an educational course

Each of these classes is worth three credits. 他已經修了地球科學這個科目的1個/3個學分。

credit noun (LIST OF NAMES)

the credits [ plural ]

a list of people who helped to make a film or a television or radio programme, that is shown or announced at the beginning or the end of it



uk /ˈkred.ɪt/ us /ˈkred.ɪt/

credit verb (PAY)

[ T ] to pay money into a bank account

They credited my account with $20 after I pointed out the mistake. 我指出錯誤後,他們給我的帳戶上存入了20美元。

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credit verb (BELIEVE)

[ T not continuous ] to believe something that seems unlikely to be true

He even tried to pretend he was my son - can you credit it? 他甚至試圖假裝自己是電影明星的兒子——你信嗎?
It was hard to credit some of the stories we heard about her. 我們聽過一些有關她的故事,難以令人置信。

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