Translation of "credit" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun (MONEY) uk us /ˈkred.ɪt/

[ U ] a method of paying for goods or services at a later time, usually paying interest as well as the original money

They decided to buy the car on credit. 他們決定用信用貸款的方法買那輛汽車。
The shop was offering six months' (interest-free) credit on electrical goods. 這家店提供六個月期限的(免息)電器信用貸款服務。
→ Compare debit noun

[ C or U ] money in your bank account

I was relieved to see from my statement that my account was in credit. 看到對帳單上我的帳戶仍有存款,我鬆了一口氣。

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